Cast of Dear Child 

Meet the actors and characters of the Netflix thriller series

Kim Riedle as Lena 

A young woman who escapes from a windowless house after being held captive for 13 years

Naila Schuberth as Hannah

Lena's 12-year-old daughter who is also struggling to adjust to life outside of captivity

Sammy Schrein as Jonathan 

Lena's 8-year-old son who is still coming to terms with what happened to him

Hans Löw as Gerd Bühling 

A CID officer who is investigating Lena's disappearance

Justus von Dohnányi as Matthias Beck 

Lena's father who is struggling to come to terms with the fact that his daughter has been missing for 13 years

Julika Jenkins as Karin Beck

Lena's mother who is trying to keep her family together in the wake of Lena's disappearance

Haley Louise Jones as Aida Kurt 

A social worker who is assigned to Lena's case and is determined to help her rebuild her life

Seraphina Maria Schweiger as Ines Reisig 

A child psychologist who is treating Lena and her children to help them process their trauma and move forward

Ozgur Karadeniz as Dr. Hamstedt 

A psychiatrist who is treating Lena to help her understand her past and her mental state