Alex Chriss Net Worth | Age, PayPal, Wiki & Bio

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Alex Chriss Net Worth
Alex Chriss Net Worth
Alex Chriss Net Worth

Alex Chriss Bio

Here you will learn about Alex Chriss Net Worth and all about him. Alex Chriss, born in 1977, is a distinguished business executive in the United States. Renowned for his recent appointment as the CEO of PayPal, Chriss has held pivotal roles across various companies, notably Intuit.

Early Life and Education

Born into an American family as James Alexander Chriss, his exact birthdate remains undisclosed, leaving his zodiac sign a mystery. After completing his high school education in his hometown, Chriss pursued his studies at Tufts University. In 1999, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

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Alex Chriss Wiki

Real NameJames Alexander Chriss
ProfessionBusiness executive
Age46 [as of 2023]
Date of Birth1977
BirthplaceUnited States
HometownUnited States
Zodiac SignNot Known
CollegeTufts University
Famous ForBecoming PayPal’s CEO

Family and Personal Life

Alex Chriss is a devoted family man, married to Sasha Rose Schamber since October 2003. Their enduring partnership spans nearly two decades and he is blessed with three sons—Matthew, Peter, and Andrew. Sasha Rose Schamber boasts impressive academic achievements, having pursued higher education at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University School of Public Health.

Age, Height, and Appearance

As of 2023, Alex Chriss is 46 years old. He stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and maintains a weight of approximately 76 kg. His physical features include brown eyes, reddish-brown hair, and a shoe size of 10.5 (US).

Career Trajectory

With a career spanning over twenty years, Alex Chriss has held significant positions across various companies. Prior to his corporate journey, he founded CollegeWeb Inc in 1997—a platform aimed at fostering an online community for college students. This venture was eventually acquired by Youthstream Media Networks in 1999, where he served as Vice President for 18 months.

Chriss subsequently assumed the role of Executive Vice President (Sales & Marketing) at Kronos Advanced Technology in 2000 before transitioning to Intuit in 2004. At Intuit, he undertook diverse responsibilities, culminating in his role as Executive Vice President of the Small Business and Self-Employed Group.

The Path to PayPal CEO

In August, Alex Chriss was announced as the incoming CEO of PayPal. Taking the helm on September 27, he succeeded the previous CEO, marking a significant step in his career.

Alex Chriss Net Worth and Financial Insights

Chriss commands an estimated net worth of $37 million, largely attributed to his substantial earnings as a business executive. His annual salary at Intuit was $1.586 million, supplemented by stock options and employee benefits. His financial stature expanded significantly in 2022, with a reported total compensation of $14.04 million. His remuneration at PayPal remains undisclosed, but it is expected to exceed his previous earnings.

Personal Interests and Endeavors

Apart from his corporate ventures, Alex Chriss is known for his interest in cryptocurrency investments. He resides in San Francisco, actively engaging with his wife and children during his leisure time. With a verified Twitter account boasting 29k followers and a LinkedIn following of over 5.7k, he maintains an influential online presence.

Alex Chriss’ journey from a visionary startup founder to a prominent business executive culminated in his appointment as CEO of PayPal. With a rich career history, a thriving family life, and substantial financial accomplishments, Chriss remains an inspiring figure in the business world.

New PayPal CEO Alex Chriss ‘is a good fit,’ analyst says

15 Facts About Alex Chriss

  1. Birth and Name: Alex Chriss was born as James Alexander Chriss in 1977. His full name is James Alexander Chriss, but he is commonly known as Alex Chriss.
  2. Education: He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Tufts University in 1999.
  3. CEO of PayPal: Alex Chriss gained prominence by being appointed as the CEO of PayPal, a notable position in the tech and finance industry.
  4. Marital Status: He is married to Sasha Rose Schamber, and they have been married since October 2003.
  5. Family: Alex and Sasha have three sons named Matthew, Peter, and Andrew.
  6. Career Journey: He has held significant positions in various companies over his career, showcasing his diverse skill set and leadership abilities.
  7. Entrepreneurial Start: Before his corporate career, he founded CollegeWeb Inc in 1997, which aimed to create an online community for college students.
  8. Longevity at Intuit: Alex Chriss dedicated over 19 years to Intuit, where he held various key roles and contributed significantly to the company’s growth and success.
  9. Position Variety: Throughout his career, he held roles ranging from Group Manager to Executive Vice President, showcasing his adaptability and capability to take on different responsibilities.
  10. PayPal Leadership: His appointment as the CEO of PayPal marked a pivotal moment in his career, reflecting his expertise and reputation in the business world.
  11. Financial Success: He has achieved a substantial net worth, estimated to be around $37 million, through his career achievements and strategic investments.
  12. Online Presence: Alex Chriss maintains an active online presence with a verified Twitter account, where he shares insights and engages with his followers.
  13. Interest in Cryptocurrency: He has shown an interest in cryptocurrency investments, indicating his forward-looking approach to emerging technologies and financial trends.
  14. San Francisco Residency: He resides in San Francisco, a prominent hub for technology and innovation.
  15. Leadership Style: His career trajectory and leadership positions suggest a proactive and visionary leadership style, with an ability to drive results and growth in the organizations he’s been a part of.


Who is Alex Chriss?

Alex Chriss is a distinguished business executive based in the United States, known for his recent appointment as the CEO of PayPal. He has held significant roles in various companies, including Intuit.

What is Alex Chriss’ age?

As of 2023, Alex Chriss is 46 years old.

When and where was Alex Chriss born?

Alex Chriss was born in the United States, but his exact birthdate and birthplace remain undisclosed.

What is Alex Chriss’ educational background?

He attended Tufts University and graduated in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Who is Alex Chriss’ wife?

Alex Chriss is married to Sasha Rose Schamber. They have been together since October 2003.

How many children does Alex Chriss have?

Alex Chriss and his wife Sasha have three sons: Matthew, Peter, and Andrew.

What is Alex Chriss’ career background?

Alex Chriss founded CollegeWeb Inc in 1997 and has held significant positions in various companies. He was a key figure at Intuit before becoming the CEO of PayPal.

When did Alex Chriss become the CEO of PayPal?

Alex Chriss assumed the position of CEO of PayPal on September 27, following an announcement in August.

What is Alex Chriss’ estimated net worth?

Alex Chriss has an estimated net worth of around $37 million.

What were Alex Chriss’ roles at Intuit?

Alex Chriss held several roles at Intuit, including Group Manager, Director, Business Leader of Intuit Partner Platform, Vice President, Senior Vice President, and finally, Executive Vice President of the Small Business and Self-Employed Group.

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